FPCC Ministry Listing
Hospitality / Ushers
Sharon Hutchinson (Chair)
Arthur Harris (Co-chair)
Jonathan Harris
Thomas Davis (Chair)
Kevin Brown (Chair)
Leslie Hutchinson (Co-chair)
Alyssa Parker
Music Ministry
Teron Prioleau (Chair)
Ron Smith (Co-chair)
Planning Ministry
Phyllis Jenkins (Chair)
Jacqueline Westmoreland (Co-Chair)
Performing Arts Ministry
Joyce Traynham Chair
Seasoned Saints
On Sabbatical
Rev. Neal Henderson, Sr. Pastor
Elder Thomas Davis, DOM
Elder Kevin Brown, DOS
Elder Ronald Smith
Elder Emeritus Leroy Taft, Sr.
Deacons and Deaconess
Elder Kevin Brown (Chair)
Mitchetta Brown (Co-chair)
Arthur Harris
Valerie Harris
Annette Miller
David Miller
Betty Wade
Ministerial Staff
Rev. Vincent Briscoe
Children’s Ministry
Jacqueline Westmoreland (Chair)
Lisa Blackwell (Co-chair)
Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Rev. Vincent Briscoe (Chair)
Sisters of Faith (Women’s Ministry)
Annette Miller (Chair)
Donna Blackwell (Co-chair)
Crystal Johnson (Secretary)
Marriage Ministry
TBD (Chair)
TBD (Co-chair)
New Members Ministry
Mitchetta Brown (Chair)
TBD (Co-chair)
Evangelism & Outreach Ministry
Crystal Johnson (Chair)