Same Page Summer Bible Reading Challenge



The heart of the challenge is (and always will be) simply opening up the Word and reading. In order to be doing it, you simply read the Word with us!

This challenge is open to all people of all ages. We are reading through the New Testament this summer.

The challenge does not provide readings on Sunday, as we gather together as a church body to feast on the Word of God together in corporate worship.

It is never too late to join! Grab a plan, grab your Bible, start reading today, and do not worry about catching up. We are not here to perfectly check boxes off of a list. We are here to read the Bible together every day. The mercies of God are new every morning, and so is your chance to open the Scriptures and hear directly from God Himself.

Click to download the plan:

MEN’S BIBLE READING PLAN                                                                      WOMEN’S BIBLE READING PLAN